About The Practice

Dr. Crandall and Dr. Solverson have a desire to help people and to be an asset to their community. While many people learn to deal with their everyday aches and pains we have found that far too many individuals are hurting needlessly. Through the practice of evidence based chiropractic care we have been able to improve both the symptoms that bring so many individuals to our office as well as the overall function and wellbeing of each person. 

At Endeavor Chiropractic we believe in the individual and utilizing a whole body approach. We understand that the best practiced health care is personalized and unique. We strive to offer you an experience that is built around your needs. Through the use of various chiropractic techniques, physiotherapy modalities, and rehabilitation exercises we offer a variety of tools that can help you in your recovery. 

We understand that chiropractic is a constantly evolving and improving field. Both Dr. Crandall and Dr. Solverson are committed to using the most current methods and only the best practices in treating their patients. We know the complexities of the human body and the effects that spinal and joint position have on overall function and health. We want to be a part of your health care team, alongside your other medical providers, so that you can reach your highest health potential. We want to work with you to become a healthier individual.